Invited Talks and Presentations:

Talk in Algebraic Geometry Seminar at University of Illinois at Chicago
Oct 21st 2019
Chicago, USA
Title:"Hodge ideals for Q-divisors with quasi-homogeneous or non-degenerate isolated singularities"
Lecture series in Algebraic Geometry Seminar in AMSS of CAS         
August 2019
Beijing, China 
1."Introduction to Multiplier Ideals"
2."A Glimpse of Hodge Ideals"
3."V-filtration of D-modules and Hodge Filtration of Hodge Modules"
4."Hodge Ideals--A Generalization of Multiplier Ideals"
5."Hodge Ideals for Q-divisor with certain isolated singularities"                          
Talk in QCC CUNY Mathematics & Computer Sciences Seminar          
July 11th 2019
New York City, USA
Title:"Multiplier Ideals of Analytically Irreducible Plane Curves"
Talk in CUNY Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar    
Mar 29th 2019
New York City, USA
Title:"Hodge ideals and Hodge filtration of a left D-module associated to Q-divisor with certain isolated singularities"
Poster Presentation in GSS of Northwestern University             
March 1st 2019
Evanston, USA
Title:"Hodge filtration and Hodge ideals of Q-divisors with certain isolated singularities"
Mixed Hodge modules and Birational GeometryLecture notes              
July 2018
Mainz, Germany
Title:"Examples of Hodge ideals" 

Conferences Attended or Ongoing:

I70-Algebraic Geometry Symposium-Wash U St Louis           November 2-3 2019
MSRI Summer Graduate School: Toric Varieties          July 29-August 09 2019
Birational Geometry and Hodge Theory-CIRM                February 11-15 2019
Workshop on D-Modules and Hodge Theory-UIC               November 16-18 2018
Summer School on Mixed Hodge Modules and Birational Geometry  July 9-13 2018 
Hodge Theory, Moduli and Representation Theory             August 14-18 2017
Mini-workshop in Birational Geometry and Hodge Theory         May 13-14 2017